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Besides education, Pune is also known for Physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Healthcare services in Pune are growing and some substantial changes are being made in the medical sector. We offer a wide variety of services for athletes as well as for non-athletes due to the increased need of rehabilitation and physical medicine. Krumur Healthcare specializes in medical care, rehabilitation, treatment for various health conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, joint and shoulder pain, avascular necrosis, hip/joint replacement rehab, sports injury rehab, accidental injury rehab, etc. Providing a platter of healthcare services in Pune we look forward in ensuring a healthy future.

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About Us

About Us_krumur HealthcareOur team of professionals has been trained in the latest rehabilitation technologies & equipment. Therefore we were able to design a cost-effective but curative treatment model. This treatment protocol of ours has become effective through traditional physical medicine and rehabilitation.

We believe in results. So our primary objective is to educate the patient and their family members on how our treatment program works. Apart from that, we provide extensive support and guidance to patients and their families by helping them understand the importance of Diet & Nutrition, Body Conditioning, Genetic & Postural habits, Psychological patterns, and conditions, etc. to improve their quality of life


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Our Advantages

Curative Treatment
All treatment programs are designed with easy but effective guidelines to ensure cure and pain relief, which can be followed by patients in any age group.
Spacious & Comfortable Clinic
Our facility is spacious and comfortable, gives every patient a feel of home away from home.
Experienced Staff
Our team comprises of experienced professionals in medicine, sports, physical therapy and nutrition.
Medical Practitioners Network
We closely work with Pune’s finest medical practitioners and hospitals to ensure the exchange of best practices and wellness of all patients.
Personalized Programs
We offer personalized care and treatment programs for every patient that can be followed at our rehab facility as well as at home.
Goal Oriented
All our treatment protocols are goal-oriented; our only goal is a quick recovery and well-being of our patients.

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Doesn’t matter if your condition was caused by sport, work, accident or illness, we welcome every chance to serve you.

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We all have a lot of doubts when it comes to a medical condition, our professionals have ensured to assist you on these doubts by sharing more valuable inputs that will help you, your family member or friend to choose the right course of action.

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