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Our Vision

Offering physiotherapy and rehabilitation care services in pune. Krumur Healthcare focus on helping our patients rediscover their true self. Some lose the true form in their journey of life, due to various reasons such as old age, climatic changes, sickness, stress, etc. Our primaries have been on helping patients as well as athletes. Offering dynamic treatments and training protocols that focuses not only on fast recovery but also on an enhanced physical ability. Our visionary is to enhance health and wellness for all patients as well as athletes through speedy recovery.


Our Mission


We are committed to helping patients to recover through our physical medicine and rehabilitation expertise. With physical and rehabilitation services, we work closely with orthopedic, neurological, cardiac patients most importantly by understanding their challenges and goals towards wellness with the support of our expert team. We aim in helping all Rehabilitation centers and hospitals to enhance their treatment methodologies related to physical medicine, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. We look forward in providing all Physical medicine and rehabilitation services in Pune.


Who Are We?

Krumur Healthcare offers the most traditional physiotherapy and rehabilitation care services in Pune. We have treated and cured over 2500+ patients across Pune, our treatment focuses mainly on helping patients and athletes to recover from their discomforts with enhanced mobility, stability, endurance, agility, and strength. We treat health problems such as Sciatica, avascular necrosis, Hip replacement, Joint / Knee replacement, Spondylitis, Slip Disk, Curved Spine, Back/Knee/ Joint/ Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Bone Fracture, Arthritis, Lower back pain etc.

Professional Services

Our rehabilitation facility is completely medicine doctor centric, as we understand the importance of consulting a specialized doctor before any treatment. Our teams are led by a seasoned medical practitioner with over 30+ years of professional experience.

High-Quality Treatment Protocol:

We believe that treatment is possible when the patient understands the importance of the exercises and can continue the same at home or any place during their travels too. We follow a very systematic yet easy to follow high-quality standard treatment protocols that enhance the individual with speedy recovery as well as an increased core strength that reduces the chances of the patients to get back to their previous discomforting state.

Advanced Personal Care:

Our facility focuses on providing the most advanced personal care to all patients based on their physical challenges by guiding and supporting them through the journey towards a cure. We provide treatment to patients aging from 7 years to 90+ years of age, in an efficient manner and patience as well as by creating a culturally friendly environment to help them reduce stress throughout the treatment.

Easy to follow:

At our center, we have designed treatment and training protocols with effective results, with the sole purpose of an individual dedicatedly following the same throughout their treatment or training and even after that. Our Easy to follow methodologies have effective results and are also liked and practiced by senior citizens and kids alike.

Cost-Effective Treatment & Training Programs:

All our treatment programs focuses on helping patients recover from their discomforts at the earliest. We offer support at each level and help patients with a more robust but effective treatment methodology that one can easily follow the same during travel, work or despite a busy schedule. Our treatment offerings are designed for all, as we believe in helping patients “Rediscover their True self.”

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