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Clinical Pilates at Krumur Healthcare

Clinical  Pilates services in pune offer a very common range of exercises widely practiced by physiotherapist to help patients recover from health conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, sciatica, fatigue, chronic syndrome etc.

Clinical Pilates services involve exercises that help an individual identify his or her range of motion, mobility, stability, endurance and strength through a defined program.

At Krumur Healthcare, Clinical Pilates services have been specialized for women and men, based on their physical condition and needs. We work very closely with self-help groups, health and fitness groups, community centers, pregnancy wards and also senior citizens.

At our facility, we aim for high standards for enhancing physical conditions through physical therapy, medicine and rehabilitation.

Our trained professionals and doctors help patients with support not just on physical enhancement through exercises, but also through proper diet and nutrition, which are inclusive in the treatment offerings at Krumur Healthcare.

Clinical Pilates pune
Clinical Pilates pune
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