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Importance of nutrition in recovery and fitness

Diet and Nutrition are an integral essence in human beings to live a healthy lifestyle, at Krumur Healthcare we believe that recovery of any illness completely depends on the type of diet an individual maintains. With a changing world, Diet and Nutrition services in pune are being introduced to make it easier for people. We have often seen that Diet & Nutrition are considered a separate service across the industry of wellness; also due to lack of awareness and education it is not considered as an important component by general public.

Why we believe Diet & Nutrition will help you recover?

Diet and Nutrition services helps patients and athletes to speedy recoverywherein two major components to achieve the same are proper nutrition and exercises and our experienced professionals simplify .

We offer a free diet plan to all the patients and athletes who join our packages for enhanced results and are monitored and advised throughout the training, treatment or fitness workouts.

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How are we different?

Diet & Nutrition Services for Sports Academies:

Athletes have a huge requirement of maintaining their fitness levels in the sport of their interest. Our nutritionist focuses on enabling healthy practices and diet advises that enhances the potential of the players depending on the sport's requirements. Usually a full body sport is dynamic and involves agility along with core strength which is very important to unleash the best performance, so simply bulking up will reduce the agility of an athlete which may later cause a loss in the tournament due to the lack of speed. We ensure that all sports academies working with us are supported with diet and nutrition services for free and are inclusive in the training and fitness packages offered at Krumur Facility.

Our support

Our Training Protocol:

Management of body weight through indigenous naturopathy methods have been neatly meshed with our diet recommendations so that no athlete in Wrestling,

Weightlifting, Boxing or Best Physique competitions are required to shed weight in the last weeks of training.

Our experience of having worked with world authorities like Dr. Haas and our own

Lab & Field research have helped us design a Nutritional Package – Games Specific depending on the training phase: Preparatory, Pre – Comp, Comp and Transition.

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