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Physical therapy at Krumur Healthcare

At our facility physical therapy is the basic therapy followed to help patients identify various health condition’s. With the help of our systematic assessment and testing programs we are able to identify the exact problem. Offering physical therapy services in Pune, our unique approach in identifying the pain area makes us a perfect treatment partner. We at Krumur Healthcare provides treatment for almost all major health conditions. Physical therapy consists conditions due to back pain, neck pain, sciatica, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, cardiac problems, neurological disorders etc. are treated at Krumur. Similarly, our unique approach in treatment and expertise in helping patients recover through these procedures have shown great results. We aim to provide aid and be people's priority when it come to Physical therapy services in Pune.


Facia Release at Krumur Healthcare in PunePhysical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Krumur healthcare in Pune

Why Us

At Krumur Healthcare, it is always about providing the best treatment to all patients at the least possible time. Because of such needs, our experts continuously research, train and invent new protocols. Therefore, all such protocols are designed to help patients in order to ensure speedy recovery. If you have been looking out for a good physical medicine and rehabilitation facility for you or your loved one, here are a few pointers that will help you consider us.

  • Personalized treatment procedures and Goal oriented treatement for all, based on their age group and health condition.
  • Experienced physical medicine doctor available for all patients, to consult and prescribe medication if patients have other illness.
  • No additional consultation charges if our physical medicine doctor prescribes medication for other illness symptoms. only if you are already on a treatment package with us.
  • Diet and Nutrition expertise is made available for all patients.
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